Venture Capital differences in various countries

Venture Capital differences in various countries

Deployment of venture capital in countries like the United States and America is enormous. According to statistics, even 3% of investment by the British straightly goes to venture capital.

United States

The United States is a country with several numbers of deals every day. 2011 was the significant year for venture capital in the United States. Venture capital spent around $23.1 billion for 3725 deals. The National Venture Capital Association measured this report. Up and downs started in funding. But, venture capital managed to balance the funds as well as the profits.


The venture capital in Mexico is vastly developing. Around $100 billion are invested by the year 2018. Mainly, big institution and private industries are helping them for the deal.


Israel lacks in natural resources. So, the main motive of people in Israel is to work intelligently and build more tech-enabled companies and industries. Isreal likewise developed rapidly. In comparison to the United States, the statistics of Israel is better than the US. Israel was funding $170 per person, whereas the United States was funding only $75 per person. There are fourteen international venture capitals also which supported more. So, two-thirds of the funds were provided to global industries, and the rest were domestic.


Canada mainly focused on a huge and global venture. They attracted the people worldwide for funding. Around 20% of investment was considered as a return for the venture capital in Canada. The 20% was raised to 35% as a company needed 50% Canadian ownership according to the rules governed by Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. Labors were also provided funds through the venture capital of Canada through some associations.


Startups were the leading associations in Switzerland for venture capital. The venture capital sources were the angels.


Europe has many developed venture capitals and venture capital sources as well. Billions of money were funded since 2005 and expanded like anything. Partech Venture in France invested for 1548 deals. The capital invested was around $6.1 billion.


A report showed that there was $7.5 billion of profit with investment in just 299 deals. This is the most fantastic part of venture capital in Asia. Asia is a combination of developed countries with high enabled technology and high population. Population in China can lead to massive investment and profits. Similarly, Singapore will do the same, and Vietnam is also developed with many such resources. So, the growth of venture capital is apparent.

The Middle East and North Africa

Investors are the US-based for the development of venture capital in these industries. The early stage of financing is enhancing here.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Vehicles in South Africa is the primary resource for the economy so that the venture capital can start dealing for the vehicles.

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