The Goliath Start-up Venture Capital

The Goliath Start-up Venture Capital

If there is one thing to know about foraying into venture capital or private equity funds, it is that it is very difficult to get into this business.  And it is even more difficult to succeed in this area of business. There are people who foray into venture capital looking to start financing projects often find themselves in a pinch later on in life especially if these people turned out to have made wrong or false decisions when it comes to investing in a start-up company. And these are people who have years of experience in the venture capital industry too.

Most of the people or teams you will see managing their private equity firms are teams with wide array of skills in business and the niche in venture capital they are in, like technology or security. It would be rare and extremely difficult to see a venture capital firm with a team consisting of homogenous and limited skills in terms of business and their niche area. Why so? This is because the diversity in skills and experience are needed to help the team as a whole to make the proper decisions especially since these decisions would involve a lot of their money. As a venture capital firm, it is their job to acquire or invest start-up companies based on their potential for growth. If ever they somehow make a huge mistake in estimating the potential of the start-up company, it could spell huge losses for not just their company but also for their clients’ company.

This is why a lot of people find the venture company, Blackbuck so interesting. The Blackbuck is a logistics company that provides B2B logistics answers to problems of other companies like long-haul trucking. And a lot of companies have already shown interest in Blackbuck with it being one of the best well-funded start-ups when it comes to the logistics-tech space niche. However, the Blackbuck is still considered as a start-up capital firm by some due to its establishment being in 2015 by Rajesh Yabaji, Chanakya Hridaya and Ramasubramaniam B. And this start-up firm has now become a Goliath in the Indian soil.

Having logistics companies in India is not uncommon. In fact, there are a lot of logistics companies in India due to its growing economy in terms of technology, research, and BDO industries. Other well-known logistics companies include CTC Freight Carriers Pvt Ltd, Safexpress, and Global Express Logistics, among many others. These logistics company had been around in India for a decade or two so they will be and are Blackbuck’s direct competition. But what makes the Blackbuck stand out is its quick climb and growth among these VC firms. In short of the 3 year span, the Blackbuck is now present in over 1,000 places across India with over 200,000 trucks and 8,500 shippers in its network and company. A lot of other VC firms started around the same year of Blackbuck but Blackbuck’s growth had rather been exponential.

And Blackbuck’s growth is seen to still continue even in 2019. This is especially since its recent success with the funding round, getting $140 million in external funding. In addition to this, more VC firms had shown interest in Blackbuck like Sands Capital.

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