Preparation before Going to Venture Capital Firms

Preparation before Going to Venture Capital Firms


As you are interested in the venture capital firms, create a network for your startup to boost your functionality and then try to grab better roles in the future. This should be the aim of any startup companies or any great entrepreneur. There are commonly three ways of entry into venture capital firms which are mentioned below.

Pre – MBA

You will be considered more if you have graduated from an institution. I you have a work experience in investment banking, sales development, management consultant, etc. then it is great.

Post – MBA

You had experience in some tech or finance firm, having expertise about the new ideas, innovation within yourself, it would help you grab deals faster.

Operating Partner

You have already achieved well in your startup and now you want to be a partner of any other project or firm. This could also be considered by venture capitalists.


This is something to be considered seriously. Venture Capital internship during under graduation helps to get roles and deals in finance quickly. If you are an engineer and want to start your startup with a vision, then it’s challenging to get a good chance. Marketing and managing skills are essential than mere coding and developing skills here. So, in case you are planning about entrepreneurship then go for venture capital internship.

Also, one crucial factor is that venture capital firms provide more benefits to candidates with a better resume, that means with a better institutional degree, a good work experience from reputed or renowned companies. All these can quickly help you grab your startup funds.


Venture capitalists want to recruit professionals or individuals who have better information about the Market place, enthusiasm about the startup, proper planning. Others are who could represent their opinions on different forms on a transparent basis.

•    At an early stage, they want you to create a network among firms so that you can set up meetings to raise funds.

•    At a later stage, deal execution is taken care of, but still, the analysis is compared with the IB/ PE deal.

•    In case you are focused on finance, you should go for later stage deals.

Some factors to keep in mind

The VC firms don’t need an army of juniors, so they choose precisely. Also, they are flat companionship with a fixed budget based on resources available. The demands mostly exceed the supply because of thinking of VC as an easy thing to do, and hence, the recruiting process is somehow unstructured. It is difficult to get roles quickly.

You will have to be active and keep them contacting about your plans rather than expecting them to contact you as it least happens.

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