how much an employee earns in venture capital firm

how much an employee earns in venture capital firm


A venture capitalist’s salary is the highest among all other financial analyst jobs across the area. Let’s go through better description of this.


You can say there’s not much scope to be a venture capitalist here as the salaries may be too low.

An Analyst

 For this, you don’t have to be an MBA graduate from any prestigious institution, as you can surely grab 10-15 lakhs in your college placements.

An Associate

Associates earn more than analysts, somewhat in between 20- 30 lakhs. But the main drawback is associates don’t have the right to carry, which is the most desired work in terms of a VC.

Vice President or President

You can find a severe gap between salaries of the junior and senior employees in a VC. As you grow with your designation, you are sure to earn more income. The difference is mainly because of the amount of funding and credentials regarding interests.

The basic salary here is 30-50 lakhs and can be quickly overtaken by your bonus credits on any investment.

Junior Managing Directors

This is a position that every VC aspirant would desire to achieve. You may have a slow start at the beginning of your career, but when you can accomplish this authority, you will be the real performer, and it can help you gain more substantial profits in essential deals.

Many people, after earning better profits, move on to start their firms, and some decide to raise more carry and bonus by sticking on to same big prestigious firms. Both can help you earn lots of income.


Here we have a rough figure about the salary schemes in foreign countries, the USA.

The work hours are less than an investment banker though and can help you earn money but with risk, as it is what venture capital is all about, raising funds despite uncertainty to make higher profits.

Analyst Salary Scheme

No matter wherever you go analyst is paid less than other employees as because it depends on the importance of the work you are doing. You will be paid around 80 thousand dollars to 150 thousand dollars for being an analyst.

Associate Salary Scheme

Associates earn about 130 thousand dollars to 250 thousand dollars. This can be considered a good start, though.

Vice president salary schemes

The salary scenario changes here as here you will be getting carry and bonus. The basic salary may be between 250 thousand dollars plus 1MM dollars as a bonus.

Junior Managing Directors salary

They can quickly grab somewhat between 500 thousand dollars to 700 thousand dollars with an additional 1-2 MM dollars bonus.

Managing director salary schemes

The directors and the partners of a firm can quickly grab a salary about 1MM and of 3-9 MM.

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